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about us.

mission and 

project "Keep Georgia Tidy" (KGT) is a non-governmental organization that has been working for many years in the direction of environmental protection by uniting scientists, specialists, environmental volunteers and activists working in various fields.


The organization implements a number of projects related to the protection of Georgia's nature, preservation of ecology and raising awareness in this regard, development of modern methods of waste management and development of green economy.


The organization, with the support of the Swedish government, has been involved in the project Keep Georgia Tidy" since 2019, the main goal of which is to reduce environmental pollution, increase environmental education and awareness, and develop a circular economy.


Since 2020, KGT has been an associate member of the international organization, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and a representative of their programs at the national level. As a result of this cooperation, the foundation of the international program of eco-schools was laid in Georgia, which unites millions of students and teachers from many countries of the world.


The main goal of the program is for the schools operating in Georgia to contribute to the improvement of the environment and to raise a generation with responsibility towards the environment.


The organization cooperates with both local and international organizations, various private companies and social enterprises, state agencies and structural units.


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