May 22, 2020 International Biological Diversity Day
MAY 22
Georgia, a small and beautiful country in the Eastern Europe, this year joins the online global community campaign to commemorate International Day of Biological Diversity. People have no other alternative and understand that they are
Eco-contest for Schoolchildren -
APR 23
April 22 is Earth Day and NGO "Keep Georgia Tidy" within the framework of the eco-schools programme, invites children aged 7 to 14, to participate in the environmental competition.
Does COVID 19 really contributes world climate and environment?
APR 14
While globe battles against the Covid-19 pandemic few good news are reported about climate benefits from this crisis. Top news are headlined as: “Enjoy Pure Sky”, “Cleaner Air”, “The World Has Started Breath Again” …etc.
Unsorted waste as unlimited sources of microbial pathogens in solid waste
APR 01
Municipal solid waste (MSW), also known as trash or garbage, has no common definition worldwide. It tends to include the solid waste picked up from households, businesses, and institutions.