Waste and Bioremediation
MAR 05
The publication "Waste and Bioremediation" concerns the problem of pollution of the biosphere by one of the toxicants of anthropogenic origin – chlorine and its compounds. Useful properties of chlorine as well as potential threats, which may endanger any living organism in the ambient environment in case of its leak, are reviewed in this brochure. The brochure aims also to increase ecological awareness of the staff of public schools and other educational institutions
Waste and Biotransformation
DEC 10

The publication "Waste and Biotransformation"  concerns one of the categories of wastes – agricultural wastes and modern technologies of their biological management. Unfortunately, pollution of biosphere characteristic for civilization became so acute that today all of the three life habitats – ground, water, and atmosphere – are already polluted, which directly points at the fact that the mankind should change the ways of development and learn how to manage wastes. 

 Waste Management Code of Georgia
NOV 12
Waste Management is still a global problem. Poor waste management led to one of the most important environmental problems in Georgia. Waste Management Code of Georgia entered into force on January 15, 2015. What is waste?  waste is any substance or object that the holder of waste discards, intends to discard or is obliged to discard. There are many different types of wastes, such as domestic waste, municipal waste, hazardous