NNLE “Keep Georgia Tidy”  (KGT), (further Association) was created on the basis of association of scientists, experts, activists environmentalists and volunteers working in different fields, actively involved in protection of environment since 2015. In particular, their activities were generally connected with “Clean Up Georgia –Phase III” project, directed on environment protection and reduction of climate change impact through challenging of waste management and enhancing population responsibility in Georgia.  This organization was legally registered in August 08, 2018, however, before, this organization was SIDA’s old partner under name “Ecological Awareness and Waste Management” implementing “Clean Up Georgia-phase III” project, financially supported by Swedish Government, in consortium together with the other two organizations (GSNE “Orchis” and  GMG/FoE-G). 
The objectives of the organization are: 
1. Protection of the nature of Georgia, maintenance and improvement of ecology and ecosystems.

2. Campaigns against litter (that will change the attitude and behavior of society and will help to understand the importance of a clean environment). 
3. Education of children and youth (receiving environmental education through various programs, engaging them in fun, action-orientated learning that will strengthen youth's involvement in changing sustainable world needs).
4. Raising awareness on adverse impacts of agricultural and hazardous wastes (facilitate the introduction of fighting mechanisms against the negative impact of agricultural and hazardous wastes through various projects and state support).
5. Development of modern and international methods and mechanisms of fight against waste. (Methods and measurement of pollution have to be developed in cities, villages, beaches, parks and etc., which will reveal the quantity and content of garbage, and it will be as a result possible to lower the pollution indicator in the country). 
6. Environmental Award (Assessment and organization of environmental awards: Eco-labelled events, that itself represents the Association's Environmental Award for the number of public events, such as competitions, concerts, and others which actively work on decrease of impact on the environment).
7. Cooperation with similar international organizations and implementation of joint projects.
8. Raise of awareness, development and promotion of green economy.